How To Use Card

Step 1: Dial the access number

Step 2: Press the number corresponding to the language desired
  • After dialling into the access number, you will be prompted to select the language of preference.

    1.  English 
      2.  Mandarin 
      3.  Vietnamese 
      4.  Togolog 
      5.  Indonesia 
      6.  Malay 
      7.  Indian 

Step 3: Enter your 12-digit Card No.

  • This 12-digit Card No is available when you purchase the card.

Step 4: Enter the destination number.

  • This is in the format 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Tel No.
  • Press 99# for more options.

Step 5: Call should be made through.

Note: Callers using Mobile Phones will automatically be registered after the first call. All subsequent calls from the same mobile phone will not require PIN entry anymore.